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Friday, March 27, 2015
Welcome to State of Wyoming's application process!
You can now apply online by clicking on the job title you are interested in and clicking on the "Apply" link. If this is the first time you are applying using our online job application, you will need to create an account and a Username and Password. After your account has been established, you can build an application by clicking on the "Build Job Application" link. This application can be saved and used to apply for more than one job opening.
Online applications are stored on a secure site. Only authorized employees and hiring authorities have access to the information submitted.
It is important that your application show all the relevant education and experience you possess. Applications may be rejected if incomplete.
NEOGOV recommends using the most up-to-date version of any of the following internet browsers when accessing the applicant portal:

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243 records found.
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  Job #     Position     Agency#-Div-Sec     Emp. Type     Salary     Closing Date  
02347 ATAW10-02347-Analytical Services Laborat... 010-Analytical Services Internship $10.00/Hour Continuous
02348 ATAW10-02348-Agriculture Technical Servi... 010-Technical Services Internship $10.00/Hour Continuous
02366 ATAW10-02366-Administration/ Wyoming Sta... 010-Administration Internship $10.00/Hour Continuous
02368 ATAW10-02368-Agriculture- Consumer Healt... 010-Consumer Health Services Internship $10.00/Hour Continuous
02594 ATAW10-02594-Agriculture-Natural Resourc... 010-Natural Resources Internship $10.00/Hour  
02613 ATAW10-02613-Technical Staff Intern-Chey... 023-Public Service Commission, Administration Internship $10.00/Hour  
02620 ATAW10-02620-Lands Management Specialist... 060-Field Services Division Internship $9.00 Hourly  
02661 ATAW10-02661-Research and Development In... 048-Behavioral Health Division - Mental Health & Substance Abuse Internship $12.00/Hour 04/24/15
02671 NEW! ATAW10-02671-Public Defender Trial Inter... 008-Trial Internship $9.00/Hour  
02686 ATAW10-02686-Unemployment Division WYCAN... 053-Administration - Unemployment Insurance Full Time $9.00/Hour  
02702 NEW! ATAW10-02702-Licensing Assistant Intern-... 054-Administration Internship $9.00/Hour 04/24/15
02706 NEW! ATAW10-02706-Fiscal/Administrative Suppo... 051-Livestock Board Internship $9.00/Hour  
02715 NEW! ATAW10-02715-Interstate Streams Intern-C... 037-Interstate Streams Internship $15.00/Hour  
01677 ATAW99-01677-Data Collection Specialist 206-Special Programs Full Time $3,454.00 - $4,318.00 Monthly Continuous
02105 ATAW99-02105-Full Time Brand Inspector-T... 051-Livestock Board Full Time $2,200.00 - $2,700.00 Monthly  
02106 ATAW99-02106-Full Time Brand Inspector-P... 051-Livestock Board Full Time $2,200.00 - $2,700.00 Monthly Continuous
02177 ATAW99-02177-Aquatic Invasive Species (A... 040-Game & Fish Temporary $13.00 Hourly Continuous
02284 ATAW99-02284-Full Time Brand Inspector-G... 051-Livestock Board Full Time $2,200.00 - $2,700.00 Monthly Continuous
02296 ATAW99-02296-Developmental Disabilities ... 048-Behavioral Health Division - Developmental Disabilities Full Time $30.00/Hour Continuous
02412 ATAW99-02412-Transportation & Warehouse ... 080-Prisons - Correctional Industries Part Time $18.00/Hour Continuous
02444 ATAW99-02444-Project Manager-Cheyenne 048-Aging Division - Healthcare Licensing & Surveys Full Time $22.36/Hour Continuous
02451 ATAW99-02451-Biologist Technicial–Native... 040-Game & Fish Temporary $14.39 Hourly Continuous
02669 ATMA01-02669-Managing Attorney-Cheyenne 015-Div. of Criminal Investigation-Operations Full Time $6,571.00 - $8,214.00 Monthly  
02645 ATTP99- 02645-Wyoming Wildlife Photograp... 040-Game & Fish Temporary $11.00 Hourly 04/22/15
01660 ATTP99-01660-Youth Worker-Temporary-Land... 048-Behavioral Health Division - Wyoming Life Resource Center Temporary $9.00/Hour Continuous
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