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Surface Water Planning Manager

SALARY: $7,568.37 - $10,179.51 Monthly
$90,820.44 - $122,154.12 Annually
OPENING DATE: 02/12/14
CLOSING DATE: 03/04/14 11:59 PM
Snohomish County Surface Water Management (SWM) Division is seeking a SWM Planning Manager to lead the Program Planning and Floodplain Services sections. SWM uses a multi-disciplinary, regionally-coordinated approach to protect, preserve, and restore aquatic and groundwater resources. The success of these two sections depends heavily on coordination with a variety of stakeholder groups, including local, state, and federal agencies; tribes; and non-governmental agencies. 
The Program Planning section develops, coordinates, and oversees implementation of plans for salmon restoration, marine resources, local watersheds, groundwater, and rivers. SWM leads or co-leads many of the resource planning initiatives in the region. The Program Planning section also provides regional coordination and local implementation of Education and Outreach initiatives and provides technical assistance to County residents through the Watershed Steward program.
The Floodplain Services section implements salmon recovery and floodplain management plans; constructs river-related projects; manages the County’s dikes and levees; coordinates diking and drainage district issues; provides engineering support for river planning and construction activities; provides technical assistance to residents along the County’s rivers; and provides GIS support to SWM. The Floodplain Services Program works closely with residents along the County’s rivers and coordinates with the agricultural community, tribes, NGOs, and local, state, and federal agencies to produce capital projects that serve multiple objectives, including protecting or improving habitat, protecting agricultural properties, and protecting roads and other vital resources.
These programs continue to evolve to respond to changing needs in Snohomish County, and the successful candidate will be able to demonstrate leadership, creativity, big-picture thinking, flexibility, and a strong ability to accomplish work through a multi-disciplinary, multi-objective approach using a variety of staff expertise and stakeholder coordination.
The successful candidate will also be able to demonstrate significant experience in managing complex, multi-objective programs; developing, implementing and monitoring large budgets, including experience managing grants and other contracts; and managing or supervising large groups of multi-disciplinary staff. The successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to work well with staff and stakeholders with a variety of backgrounds, and will be able to positively contribute to the overall management of the SWM Division as part of the SWM Management Team. 


Complete an on-line application including the supplemental questions by the deadline of March 4, 2014 at 5:00 pm. It is the applicant’s responsibility to verify that information provided is accurate and submitted by the closing date. 


1. Receive Application
2. Minimum Qualification Screening
3. Supplement Scoring
4. Interview
5. Second Interview may be conducted at Management's Discretion
6. Criminal Background Check
7. Reference Checks/Credential Verification
8. Job Offer Made to Selected Candidate

Snohomish County is an equal opportunity employer committed
to an inclusive, multicultural workplace.

To plan, coordinate, supervise and manage Surface Water Management (SWM) Program Planning and Floodplain Services operations and sup­port of other Surface Water Management programs.

  1. Plans, coordinates and manages the operations of the SWM Program Planning and Floodplain Services operations. Develops work plans, monitors actual progress and assesses employee performance against goals and objectives; coordinates section activities with other County sections, divisions, and departments as required.
  2. Directs, supervises and evaluates the work of subordinate super­visors and staff. Reviews staff decisions in relation to de­partment policies and objectives; establishes staffing and scheduling requirements; reviews and approves staffing sched­ules; plans and schedules in?service training; recommends vari­ous personnel actions to the Surface Water Management Utility Director, including selection, promotion, reassignment and discipline.
  3. Reviews and analyzes program objectives, policies, procedures and work standards; develops and recommends new or improved ob­jectives, policies, procedures and work standards and coordi­nates their implementation.
  4. Inspects field operations including capital project construction, field assessments, emergency flood response, and levee and dike maintenance appropriateness of actions, safety and operating effi­ciency.
  5. Develops short and long term capital and operation plans for the consideration and ap­proval of the Utility Director; prepares the section's annual budget; administers the approved budget and monitors expendi­tures and revenues.
  6. Directs the preparation of records, reports and studies.
  1.  Performs related duties as required.
 A Bachelor's degree in business, engineering or public adminis­tration, science, or a related field; PLUS, four (4) years of super­visory experience and four (4) years experience in the water resource management (time spent as a supervi­sor in the surface water or water resource field may count towards both requirements); OR, any equivalent combination of training and or experience that provides the required knowledge and abilities. Must pass job related tests.
      A valid State of Washington Driver's License is required.
Knowledge of: 
  • the practices, methods and materials used for surface water or water resource-related Program Planning and Floodplain Services operations;
  • the principles and procedures of personnel management;
  • the occupational hazards and safety precautions associated with river-related operations;
  • the principles and practices of program planning, organization and administration;
  • the use of personal computers.
 Ability to:
  • plan, coordinate, supervise and evaluate the work of subordinate employees;
  • evaluate programs, policies and procedures, analyze operations and take effective action to correct deficiencies and resolve problems;
  • make independent decisions under pressure;
  • develop, implement, monitor, and revise as needed program plans and budgets and evaluate work accomplishments;
  • read, interpret and apply laws, rules, regulations and legislation governing department operations;
  • establish and maintain effective work relationships with State and County officials, department heads, associates, subordinates, officials of other agencies and with the general public;
  • communicate effectively both orally and in writing;
  • understand and execute oral and written instructions;
  • prepare a variety of correspondence, reports and other written materials;
  • allocate and make effective use of available resources;
  • walk long distances over rough terrain and climb ladders;
  • operate personal computers.
The employee reports to the Surface Water Management Utility Director. The work is performed with a high degree of independence and is reviewed through conferences, periodic reports, and results obtained.

The work is performed in an office environment and outside in all types of inclement weather conditions throughout the County. During flooding events, the employee may be required to travel to flooded or flood prone locations, such as river dikes and levees. The employee is required to wear County ­supplied safety equipment when in the field.

Surface Water Planning Manager Supplemental Questionnaire
* 1. Following are a series of supplemental questions designed to assess your job related experience and qualifications. Completion of this supplemental questionnaire is part of the application screening and selection process. The information you provide will be reviewed and used to determine your eligibility to move forward in the selection process. Incomplete responses, false statements, omissions, or partial information may result in disqualification from the selection process. Do you agree to answer each question truthfully and that your responses can be verified from information included within the application and by your references?
Yes Yes    No No
* 2. Do you understand you may be asked to provide copies of your credentials, including diplomas, certificates and licenses?
Yes Yes    No No
* 3. Do you have a valid Washington State Driver's License or ability to obtain one?
Yes Yes    No No
* 4. What is your highest level of education?
Checkbox High school diploma or GED
Checkbox Associate degree
Checkbox Bachelor's degree in public or business administration, engineering or science
Checkbox Bachelor's degree in related field
Checkbox Master's degree
Checkbox Other
* 5. Please explain your education in detail. Include schools, major course of study and degrees as it relates to this position. Enter N/A if this does not apply.

* 6. Please explain your experience in surface water or water resource management including your role, years of experience and key responsibilities.

* 7. How many years of supervisory experience do you have?
Checkbox Less than 1 year
Checkbox 1 year to less than 2 years
Checkbox 2 years to less than 3 years
Checkbox 3 years to less than 4 years
Checkbox 4 years or more
Checkbox Other
* 8. The remaining supplemental questions will be scored and will be used in evaluating knowledge, skills and ability. There are 85 possible points. Use specific examples and provide detail in your answers. Do you understand your answers will be verified with your references and you will be awarded points on clarity, conciseness, organization, grammar, spelling and punctuation? (15 points)
Yes Yes    No No
* 9. This position will manage two major programs (Program Planning and Floodplain Services), which are comprised of many individual projects. Provide a detailed explanation of how your Program Management experience qualifies you for this position. Please provide specific responses and include the following: dates, employers, your role, how many and the specific types of programs and projects managed including the complexity of the program and the specific types and level of experience you have with program management. Be specific describing if the programs were related to surface water, floodplain, or water resource management. Please do not state "see application". (20 points)

* 10. Provide a detailed explanation of your experience in the the development and management of program budgets, including the size and type of budget, your role in the management of each budget, the number of projects in each program and the number of years of experience with each. Please do not state "see application". (15 points)

* 11. Provide a detailed explanation of your experience managing or supervising staff with diverse backgrounds, job skills, job assignments, and professions. Describe the size and professional level of staff supervised/managed. Include the number of years of experience you have in supervision and in management. Describe how your experience would be applicable to this position. Please do not state "see application". (15 points)

* 12. Positive stakeholder relationships are essential to the success of the Program Planning and Floodplain Services programs. The successful candidate will need to demonstrate the ability to successfully coordinate, facilitate, and communicate with a wide variety of stakeholder groups, including tribes, government agencies, agricultural interests, conservation districts, and non-profit organizations. Describe your experience creating positive stakeholder relationships including coordinating, facilitating and/or working with diverse groups. Include how you respond to conflicting direction and your experience building consensus on complex and controversial issues. Please define your specific role with each group or program, years of experience, and the general types of issues or projects that were addressed. Please do not state "see application". (20 points)

* Required Question