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Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Welcome to the State of Rhode Island's application process!

All available job announcements are listed beginning at the bottom of this page and can be viewed by scrolling down to the bottom. Listings of job announcements may continue on to additional pages which can be viewed by clicking on the page arrows at the bottom. To apply for a position listed, click on the title of the position you are interested in and click on the "Apply" link!

If this is the first time you are applying using our online job application, you will need to create an account and select a Username and Password. Please be sure to use title case (Ex., Jane Smith) when entering your name in your account.  After your account has been established, you can build an application by clicking on the "Build Job Application" link. This application can be saved and used to apply for more than one job opening.  It is important that your application show all the relevant education and experience you possess. You may also upload and attach your resume or other relevant documents.  Applications may be rejected if incomplete.  Online applications are stored on a secure site. Only authorized employees and hiring authorities have access to the information submitted.

Available Seasonal/Internship positions are posted on the Seasonal & Internships tab above.  Be sure to check for opportunties on that page.

If you are a current state employee, additional opportunties for internal bidding only are posted on the Internal/Lateral Postings tab above.  Be sure to check for opportunities on that page. 

ApplyRI is set up for use with Internet Explorer 9 or higher. Users who are utilizing older versions of Internet Explorer may be unable to view the tabs at the top of the page. Users with this issue should either (1) upgrade their browser, (2) try Chrome, Firefox or another browser instead, or (3) access a computer with IE 9 or higher.  For technical assistance, call 1-855-524-5627.  This is  a callback system where applicants' details are automatically captured via a voicemail into a support management system. This prevents applicants from waiting on hold and ensures that all applicants are assisted in a timely and accurate manner. Every applicant that calls receives a return phone call from NEOGOV within one business day.
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  Job #     Position     Emp. Type     Salary     Closing Date  
1680-50101-170, 3688 BENEFIT CLAIMS SPECIALIST RIESA SEIU Local 401 (50) $43,703.00 - $49,988.00 Annually 11/30/14
8010-00100-110 BENEFIT CLAIMS SPECIALIST RIESA SEIU Local 401 (50) $43,703.00 - $49,988.00 Annually 11/30/14
1060-10000-93 NEW! CHIEF CLERK Council 94 (2-36) $38,170.00 - $42,233.00 Annually 12/04/14
6910-41200-192 CHIEF IMPLEMENTATION AIDE DOA Association of Supervisors (62) $53,961.00 - $60,923.00 Annually 11/30/14
2725-10000-0021 COURT REPORTER RICRA Local 4829 (Judiciary) (72) $53,879.00 - $60,938.00 Annually 11/28/14
2729-10000-XX DATA ENTRY AIDE Council 94 Local 2203 (Judiciary) (37) $33,642.00 - $36,356.00 Annually 11/28/14
1680-50101-352 NEW! FRAUD AND OVERPAYMENT INVESTIGATOR RIESA SEIU Local 401 (50) $41,172.00 - $46,302.00 Annually 12/05/14
1195-51005-1 HEALTH PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR PSA NEARI (DOH) (92) $69,308.00 - $78,164.00 Annually 11/28/14
1181-50800-3 NEW! LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Council 94 (2-36) $36,539.00 - $39,824.00 Annually 12/05/14
2556-10000-1607 NEW! MOTOR VEHICLE INVESTIGATOR Council 94 (2-36) $40,093.00 - $44,850.00 Annually 12/04/14
2556-10000-1688 NEW! MOTOR VEHICLE OPERATOR EXAMINER Council 94 (2-36) $36,539.00 - $39,824.00 Annually 12/04/14
1195-50514-TBD NEW! PRINCIPAL PUBLIC HEALTH PROMOTION SPECIA... PSA NEARI (DOH) (92) $64,516.00 - $72,742.00 Annually 12/05/14
1195-51005-8 PUBLIC HEALTH EPIDEMIOLOGIST PSA NEARI (DOH) (92) $59,905.00 - $67,505.00 Annually 11/29/14
1195-51005-6 PUBLIC HEALTH PROMOTION SPECIALIST PSA NEARI (DOH) (92) $55,659.00 - $62,616.00 Annually 11/29/14
1195-51005-3 PUBLIC HEALTH PROMOTION SPECIALIST PSA NEARI (DOH) (92) $55,659.00 - $62,616.00 Annually 11/28/14
2725-10000-00254 RECORDS CLERK/DATA ENTRY AIDE LIUNA 808 (Judiciary) (51) $31,713.00 - $34,427.00 Annually 11/29/14
1074-10000-1959 REGISTERED NURSE B UNAP Local 5019 (70) $56,616.00 - $78,519.00 Annually 11/29/14
1183-50300-2 SENIOR CLINICAL LABORATORY SCIENTIST (PU... PSA NEARI (DOH) (92) $57,737.00 - $64,969.00 Annually 11/26/14
1195-51005-5 SENIOR PUBLIC HEALTH PROMOTION SPECIALIS... PSA NEARI (DOH) (92) $59,905.00 - $67,505.00 Annually 11/30/14
1195-51005-2 SENIOR PUBLIC HEALTH PROMOTION SPECIALIS... PSA NEARI (DOH) (92) $59,905.00 - $67,505.00 Annually 11/30/14
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