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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Welcome to the job opportunities page for careers with Oregon state government!

Employment with Oregon state government represents more than just a job. A career in public service is an opportunity to serve fellow citizens across our beautiful state. Professions in state government help to support many aspects of life in Oregon including quality education, healthcare and jobs, just to name a few.  Considering a career in public service is an honorable choice!

Use this site to search for job openings by location, agency or category.  Simply scroll down to the section of your choice, check the box or boxes that interest you, and click the Apply Search button.  When you want to apply for a job, do so by clicking on the job title and the Apply link.

The Internal Postings section is for current state employees to find Agency Promotion and Statewide Promotion opportunities.

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Need additional instructions?  Check out the Applicant Guide, or the Applicant E-Recruit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).


The state of Oregon is committed to affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, culturally competent services and workplace diversity.

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  Job Posting
  Job Title     Agency     Location     Salary     Opening Date     Closing Date  
ODOT14-0241oc Accounting Technician 2 (Carrier Maintenance Unit Account Tech) Transportation-Motor Carrier Salem $2,489.00 - $3,538.00 Monthly 04/03/14 04/17/14
ODOT14-0009oc Accounting Technician 3 (Central Payroll Technician) Transportation-Central Services Salem $2,702.00 - $3,896.00 Monthly 04/10/14 04/21/14
ODOT14-0005oc Auto/Heavy Equipment Repair Supervisor (Western Oregon Field Technician Supervisor) Transportation-Highway Salem $4,429.00 - $6,226.00 Monthly 03/05/14 Continuous
ODOT14-0091oc Civil Engineering Specialist 3 (Safety Circuit Rider) Transportation-Development Salem $26.13 - $38.60 Hourly 04/04/14 04/20/14
ODOT14-0185oc Construction/Maintenance Intern Transportation-Highway Klamath Falls $13.86 - $18.58 Hourly 03/12/14 Continuous
ODOT14-0180oc Engineering Specialist 1 (General College Internship) Transportation-Highway Statewide $13.86 - $18.58 Hourly 03/05/14 Continuous
ODOT14-0178oc Engineering Student Intern - White City Transportation-Highway White City $13.21 - $15.28 Hourly 03/04/14 Continuous
ODOT14-0197oc NEW! Executive Support Specialist 1 (Executive Assistant) Transportation-Highway Portland $2,488.00 - $3,536.00 Monthly 04/15/14 04/29/14
ODOT14-0181oc Facilities Engineer Intern Transportation-Central Services Salem $13.86 - $18.58 Hourly 03/05/14 Continuous
ODOT13-0888oc Heavy Equipment Technician 1 Transportation-Highway Multiple Locations (as stated in job posting) $4,031.00 - $4,861.00 Monthly 12/18/13 Continuous
ODOT14-0088oc Information Systems Specialist 5 (Senior GIS Systems Analyst) Transportation-Development Salem $4,125.00 - $5,958.00 Monthly 03/25/14 Continuous
ODOT14-0082oc Information Systems Specialist 5 (Wireless Systems Specialist) Transportation-Highway Baker City $4,125.00 - $5,958.00 Monthly 03/05/14 Continuous
ODOT13-0663ocA Information Systems Specialist 6 (RUCAD Business Analyst) Transportation-Central Services Salem $4,412.00 - $6,379.00 Monthly 04/09/14 04/23/14
ODOT14-0093oc Information Systems Specialist 7 (ITS Technical Lead) Transportation-Central Services Salem $4,886.00 - $7,056.00 Monthly 04/02/14 Continuous
ODOT14-0102oc NEW! Information Systems Specialist 7 (Senior Analyst) Transportation-Central Services Salem $4,886.00 - $7,056.00 Monthly 04/15/14 05/06/14
ODOT14-0170oc Internal Audit Intern (Internal Auditor 1) Transportation-Central Services Salem $21.02 - $25.55 Hourly 03/03/14 Continuous
ODOT14-0451oc Litter Patrol Worker Transportation-Highway Statewide $11.13/Hour 03/25/14 Continuous
ODOT14-0452OC Litter Patrol Worker (Crew Leader) Transportation-Highway Statewide $11.90/Hour 03/25/14 Continuous
ODOT14-0201oc Litter Patrol Worker (Temporary Litter Patrol Worker) Transportation-Highway Clackamas $11.13 - $12.33 Hourly 02/24/14 Continuous
ODOT14-0096oc Office Coordinator (Office Coordinator) Transportation-Highway Coquille $2,314.00 - $3,225.00 Monthly 04/04/14 04/20/14
ODOT14-0305OC NEW! Office Specialist 1 (Vehicle Processing Support Clerk) Transportation-DMV Salem $2,069.00 - $2,817.00 Monthly 04/14/14 04/28/14
ODOT14-0301OC Office Specialist 2 (Dealer Clerk) Transportation-DMV Medford $2,314.00 - $3,225.00 Monthly 04/12/14 04/26/14
ODOT14-0199oc NEW! Office Specialist 2 - Administrative Support Transportation-Highway Portland $2,314.00 - $3,225.00 Monthly 04/15/14 05/06/14
ODOT14-0085oc Operations & Policy Analyst 1 (State Radio Project Document Control Assistant) Transportation-Highway Salem $3,220.00 - $4,756.00 Monthly 04/02/14 04/16/14
ODOT14-0527oc NEW! Operations and Policy Analyst 2 -Right of Way Business System Administrator Transportation-Highway Salem $3,914.00 - $5,779.00 Monthly 04/15/14  
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