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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NEOGOV™ will allow job seekers to quickly apply for numerous positions online.
If you are a first time applicant create an account on our secure site.  After creating the profile and application in NEOGOV™, the information can be used for future job interests. You may update your profile information at any time. 

Remember to attach Resumes, Transcripts, Work Keys certificates, and any other pertinent documents required to support your work experience and education.

WorkKeys test scores or certificates are required for some positions and are preferred in others. Go to WorkKeys for more information.

Only Current City of Albuquerque employees are eligible for INTERNAL ONLY job opportunities. 

Candidates also can sign up to receive notices when jobs of interest to them become available.

For assistance with your user name and password click on Applicant Login on the left menu and then click on "I Forgot my Username and/or Password". For additional access assistance please call GovernmentJobs.Com Customer Support at 1-855-524-5627

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38 records found.
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  Position     Emp. Type     Salary     Closing Date  
Administrative Assistant M12 Full Time $14.27 - $16.79 Hourly 04/22/15
Animal Handler B23 Full Time $9.54 - $15.19 Hourly Continuous
APD Instructional Systems Specialist Full Time $17.88 - $21.33 Hourly 04/24/15
Building Inspector M15 Full Time $19.71 - $23.53 Hourly 05/04/15
Citizen Contact Agent I UC1 Full Time $15.29 Hourly 04/29/15
Citizen Contact Agent I UC1 Part time Part Time $15.29 Hourly 04/29/15
Commercial Collection Driver B29 Full Time $11.14 - $17.78 Hourly 05/29/15
Engineering Project Manager E20 Full Time $42.21 - $53.58 Hourly 04/24/15
Exhibit Fabricator B31 Full Time $11.87 - $18.95 Hourly 04/24/15
Finance Technician C32 Full Time $13.46 - $15.52 Hourly 04/29/15
Fleet Maintenance Specialist E16 Full Time $23.27 - $27.74 Hourly 04/24/15
Forensic Photographic Laboratory Supervi... Full Time $16.13 - $19.28 Hourly 04/30/15
GIS Coordinator M14 Full Time $17.88 - $21.33 Hourly 04/22/15
Heavy Equipment Operator B30 Full Time $17.33 - $18.33 Hourly 05/25/15
Internal Only - Police Property and Evi... Full Time $14.27 - $16.79 Hourly 04/30/15
Lead Crossing Guard LCG Full Time $13.91 Hourly 04/24/15
Legal Secretary E12 Full Time $15.11 - $18.36 Hourly 04/22/15
Library Services Supervisor M14 Full Time $17.88 - $21.33 Hourly 04/22/15
Mechanic III B32 Full Time $18.58 - $19.58 Hourly 04/21/15
Mechanic III B32 Full Time $18.58 - $19.58 Hourly 07/01/15
Motorcoach Operator Q00 Full Time $12.08 - $18.05 Hourly Continuous
Museum Preparator M13 Full Time $16.13 - $19.28 Hourly 04/30/15
Office Services Worker B26 Full Time $10.26 - $16.33 Hourly 04/21/15
Paralegal E14 Full Time $19.20 - $23.34 Hourly 05/01/15
Planning Assistant II C34 Full Time $14.00 - $16.15 Hourly 04/22/15
of 2